Full details on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season 3, launching April 3

Rally your squad for the biggest season update yet! Introducing new maps, a new Zombies mission and Rift, the return of Rebirth Island, and much more, Season 3 is stacked with new experiences.Play Video

Season 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone launches on April 3 on PS4 and PS5. 

Multiplayer Overview

Core 6v6 Maps 

6 Star (Launch): Battle atop the Hadiqa 6 Star resort in Dubai, catering to ultra-rich guests with an infinity pool, skybridge, and exclusive club.

Emergency (Launch): Deploy to a wing of the State Disease Control Agency in the wake of a disaster, set around the red sandstone of Sedona, Arizona.

Growhouse (Launch): A re-imagined take on Sphere from Call of Duty®: Vanguard. Fight mid- to long-ranged battles above ground and close up underground.

Tanked (Launch): Drop into Vondel Zoo after hours in this fast-paced, mid-sized map centered around the aquarium and reptile exhibits.

Mid-Season Maps: Play the rundown Grime map next to a derelict canal, plus Checkpoint based on Rebirth Island’s Stronghold.

New Game Modes

Capture the Flag (Launch): Steal the enemy’s flag and return it to your home base while yours is still in place.

Minefield (Launch): Defeated players drop a Proximity Mine where they fall. The mine is only deadly to their team, setting up wild combos. Applied to a variety of game modes.

One in the Chamber (Launch): Start with three lives and a one-hit-kill bullet. Earn another bullet for each elimination. If you’re out, go for the melee finish. 

Plus, Ranked Play: Compete in Ranked Play Season 3, featuring all-new Seasonal and Skill Division rewards.

Zombies Overview

New Rift, New Mission (Mid-Season): Embark on a rescue mission in the third Dark Aether Rift to save Dr. Ava Jansen.

New Challenges, Schematics (Mid-Season): Tackle new Prestige Calling Card and Camo challenges, and face down enemies with three new earnable schematics:

New Warlord (Mid-Season): Warlord Rainmaker has commandeered a fortress on Rahaa Island. Approach the artillery and demolitions expert with caution.

Call of Duty: Warzone Overview

Welcome Back to Rebirth Island (Launch)

Rebirth Island returns, the main destination of your Resurgence matches and Season 3 Ranked Play.

Modes: Along with Rebirth Resurgence, other Season 3 modes include Rebirth Lockdown, Rebirth Resurgence Loaded, and High Trip Resurgence.

Public Events and Contracts: Compete in Public Events like Gulag: Climb and Punishment and Heavy Armor. Take on the new Spy Drones Contract. Attempt the Rebirth Island Champion’s Quest.

New Features: Buff your squad with the Squad Rage Field Upgrade and gear up with the Military Box. See future gas circles with the Foresight Killstreak and improve your abilities with the hard-to-find Specialist Perk Package.

Season 3 Battle Pass

Earn 100+ tiers of content, including four new weapons, eight new Aftermarket Parts, and new Operators like Vladimir Makarov and Snoop Dogg. Up your game with the “Stasis BlackCell” Operator and more with BlackCell premium content.

New Store Offerings: Get new bundles like Tracer Pack: Cheech and Chong, several Godzilla x Kong: New Empire bundles, Tracer Pack: Big Brain Ultra Skin, and more.

Season 3 Combat Pack for PlayStation Plus members

Available on April 10, the Season 3 Combat Pack grants Élodie, “Lockpick” a new Operator Skin “Starry Nightmare”.

PlayStation Plus members will also receive the following: the “Rembrandt Rifle” Assault Rifle Blueprint, the “Raphael Rival” SMG Blueprint, the “Cerulean Enigma” Weapon Charm, the “Cobalt Conspirator” Calling Card, the “Azure Avenger” Weapon Sticker, and the “Anonymous Artist” Emblem.

Plus, PlayStation Players will receive a 2XP Player boost in-game from 4/18 – 4/19.

New Challenges and Events

Along with new Weekly Challenges, play seasonal events like Godzilla x Kong: Battle for Hollow Earth, Blaze Up, High Trip, and Vortex, with four more events arriving in the mid-season.

Season 3 launches April 3

Purchase Modern Warfare III on PlayStation to enjoy additional benefits and a free in-game bundle each season with the Combat Pack.

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