The Dark Wild is Now Available on the Epic Games Store

Keep your disposable android-body alive by automating everything. Automate farming, foraging, crafting and capturing – and even assimilate creatures into your production lines during your impossible mission to relight the world.

Atrio is an automation-meets-survival game set in a cyberpunk inspired post-apocalyptic world. Bend nature to your will by capturing and exploiting the creatures and environment to help you survive at all costs. The many threats and challenges you will face are too difficult to handle on your own, you must build, automate and optimize your systems to keep the world at bay to stay alive.

You are a nameless android tasked with restoring Station 3. Where are all the humans? What is your real purpose? What are these giant statues? The only way to know is to head into the dark wild. Build huge, efficient automation systems to keep your base alive while you explore the world.

Inspired by Oysters?

We’ve always been fascinated by how humans discover so many technological advancements from nature. I stumbled across a video of oysters filtering water – in just 5 hours, a couple of oysters turn a completely filthy tank into something clean! In fact, they can filter up to 50 gal/water a day. We had a discussion over lunch about if they could alter fresh water mussels to filter out bacteria, we could just ship them to poor countries and have a living filtration system.

While fleshing out details for Atrio – we knew we wanted an assembly line, but we thought, “what if instead of building everything out of metal, we incorporated living things?” You could capture living creatures, and have them do tasks machines can’t do – Digest and produce other compounds the same way we can’t print spider-silk.

And after 5 years, you can do just that. Come join us on this mysterious, hilarious, and spooky adventure, and good luck out in the dark.

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