Nurture A Brave New World in Lightyear Frontier, Coming to Xbox Game Pass on March 19


  • Create a sustainable exofarm on a mysterious new world, filled with mysteries to uncover
  • Join up to three friends online and work together to clean up the planet by taking care of the environment
  • Lightyear Frontier launches into Early Access for Xbox Series X|S, PC, and via Game Pass March 19

Explore a strange new planet, pilot and customize your very own mech suit and work with up to three friends online to clean up and create a sustainable environment in Lightyear Frontier, out in Early Access March 19 on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and via Game Pass.

Take a new direction in the farming-sim genre, as Lightyear Frontier sends players beyond the stars to a beautiful planet, where the goal is not to destroy or conquer but to nurture and cultivate a homestead for you and your friends. Embark in your mech and live in harmony with the world’s wondrous nature, as you help restore the planet to its natural beauty.

Find The Mech, Save The World

Where many games invite players to alien worlds to battle waves of monsters or save the universe from an intergalactic threat, Lightyear Frontier brings fresh ideas to the table. Instead of embarking on a path of destruction, players will work to help cultivate this forgotten land, managing their relationship with the ecosystem as they create a sustainable, healthy environment for themselves and all the wildlife that roams the planet.

Pollution has taken over the world, causing environmental hazards and challenges for players to overcome. With your trusty mech, it’s up to you and up to three of your friends to clean up the hazards that have soiled this world. Use your hose tool to power wash devastating pollution or equip your trusty hose to clean up noxious weeds to unlock new areas and uncover the past of this world.

By restoring regions of the planet, the landscape will blossom with vegetation, as once barren locations return to life with grass, plants and wildlife. Players can explore these beautiful new vistas to secure new materials and build the farmstead of their dreams, giving you an extra incentive to bring the planet back to its former glory.

Work Together, Live Together

All this work can be tough for one exofarmer, which is why Lightyear Frontier allows up to four players to explore together online, with full cross play. Journey out with your friends to help manage your relationship with the ecosystem and create a sustainable, living space for not only you but the plants and wildlife that inhabit each region.

Using the materials you find, create the dream exofarm for you and your friends, as you each pilot your very own customisable mech to help build a fully-fledged, retro-futuristic farm space. As you all gather new materials, you can perform as a team to build your living space further and unlock new upgrades to help in your journey of saving the planet.

Work together to cultivate and harvest crops, or even assign daily duties on your farm as a group to help jobs pass with ease. Have one player plant new seeds whilst the other waters crops, and even send the rest of your team out on expeditions to excavate new resources to aid in your mission to create a sustainable world.

Give Back What You Take

While other farming simulation games will have you take from the world and not give back, Lightyear Frontier promotes keeping the world nurtured and alive. As you harvest resources from the land to aid your journey be sure to keep replenishing the supply to ensure the planet can remain self-sufficient.

For every tree you cut down, help nurture the planet by replanting what you’ve taken. You can even plant trees much closer to your farmstead to make future gatherings easier for your group. There are many unique interactions to uncover, including feeding animals to help replenish supplies faster, such as aluminium deposits to help build you and your friend’s farm.

With the peculiar pollution overtaking regions of the planet, you can also use the additional mech power of your friends to quickly hose down purple goo damaging the environment and achieve your goal together of reforming the planet. Lightyear Frontier not only works as a solo experience of keeping the planet green but is even better when you tackle the adventure together with your friends.

The Journey Is Just Beginning

The Early Access release of Lightyear Frontier on Xbox Series X|S and PC is only the beginning. As development continues toward the game’s full launch, new updates, unfurling mysteries and ways to interact with the world will keep you coming back for more. Nurturing the planet is only the first step in your journey, with many new adventures on the horizon.

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